Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Quiet Round Here

Once again I find myself apologizing for the lack of posting on this blog. I'll blame this on several factors.

1) Nothing much happening - well, nothing positive, anyway.

2) Ongoing family crisis in the UK that has us all depressed.

3) I've been posting a canny bit on my new writing blog.

I was going to do a post about our trip to the beautiful town of Alcala de Henares just before New Year. But the photos are terrible (it was pissing it down that day), so I think I'll save that post until we go again.

What else to talk about? Oh, yes, I'm a Brit, so the weather is always an acceptable subject. It's been chuffing cold (I think I had an attack of mild hyperthermia last night - just couldn't stop shivering, so I got up, put both the heaters on max, and had a cup of tea). It snowed all day yesterday, but didn't settle. Today it's raining. Bloody miserable.

To end on a happy note: we met with our landlady's daughter yesterday. We didn't really know why a meeting was arranged. But the lease renewal is coming up, and the President of our building's community (responsible for maintenance of common area) hates us, so I half expected we were going to be given the boot. But no. If we are happy to stay, would we accept a reduction in the rent? Well, bears, woods and poo.