Wednesday, 19 December 2007

The Offspring Has Landed!

Our one and only Offspring arrived yesterday, a mere nine hours and twenty minutes late. Here's the story.

0730: awoken by my phone ringing. Marvellous - this'll be Offspring letting us know he's at the airport and hasn't missed his flight. I was half right. It was Offspring. He was at home. He'd missed his flight. He'll try to book another one.

0800: to reassure myself, I check the EasyJet website: there are flights available, the 2020 arrival is 110 pounds. Every flight after that for the next fortnight is 140 quid and upward.

1130: I've heard nothing from Offspring. I text him. He doesn't have internet at home. He has it on his phone, but is unable to complete the transaction. He is waiting for an Internet Caff to open.

1430: still no news. He calls me: can't do it from an internet caff. Can I do it for him? Certainly I can, but I don't have a credit card. We do something inadvisable, and by 1500 his ticket is booked and he has the reference number.

1900: I set off for the airport. I've only been there once, our inbound flight when we arrived in August. So I don't know how long it takes on the Metro or anything. As it happens, once you get to the start of Line 8 at Nuevos Ministerios, it's about 12 minutes to T1, 2, 3. So I have plenty of time to spare in which to complete the extremely long walk from T2 (where the Metro station really is) to T1.

2040: Offspring emerges from baggage reclaim/customs/dog-sniffing. We go to the Metro station and arrive at Nuevos Ministerios at 2120. As it happens, BetterArf works some of the time at NM, and finishes at 2130, so we broke our journey there and went to meet her. We took a bus down to Chuecaland, had some dinner, and then introduced Offspring to the joys of our bijou piso-ette.

1130 the next day. He always could sleep for England. Now he's doing it for Spain! I'll probably wake the bugger up soon: we have sights to see and shopping to do.

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dubaibilly said...

I hope the three of you have a great time over the Christmas holidays together.