Wednesday, 9 January 2008

English Words in Spanish [Palabras Inglés en Español]

I'm pleased to report that the Spanish language is holding its own against the world-dominating advance of English; there seem to be very few English words in the Spanish language. Where they do occur you should pretend that they are Spanish and pronounce them accordingly. If you go into a Burger King and request a Whopper, you'll be met by a blank stare. What you need to ask for is 'oon Whoppair'.

Sandwich? No. Sanweech. Yes.

And it's a good job I don't like croissants because the Spanish way of pronouncing that is just too painful.

Recently I needed to buy a craft knife. I went to the nearest stationers armed with the word 'cuchillo' in my head.

'¡Give me a cuchillo!'

'¿For ham? ¿For the kitchen?

'Nonono. For paper.'

'Aah. You want a kootair.'

'Er, yes. A cutter. Yes.'

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dubaibilly said...

Yeah, right. Try Greek! They are in a different alphabet zone on top of all the other problems!