Sunday, 9 March 2008

More Art: Igor Mitoraj

Having lived in an Islamic country for more than twelve years, it is more than refreshing to be back in a country where figurative art and the depiction of naked people is not frowned upon or banned. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are trying to re-invent themselves as centres of art and culture. I can't quite see how they'll do it, unless they declare themselves to be religion-free zones. Here's some more naked statues:


Grumpy Goat said...

The centaur's not human (duh!) and appears to be wearing more than the 'normal' amount of clothing, armour or whatever. However much that might be. Marvellous statue.

But wait: he's a therianthrope, which is something else calculated to upset Certain Groups of People.

BuJ said...

Habibi Keefie, there's nothing wrong with religion..

the problem usually resides with the people who think that they know about it.