Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Notes From Engerland

I am at a friend's house that has a wi-fi connection, so I can finally do a post without the pressure you get in internet cafes. The main reason for this trip was to throw a surprise birthday party for the Daddy-in-Law's 80th birthday. That went off surprisingly well, with his numerous kids and their other halves and kiddiewinkles all gathered together from various outposts in Europe. Most of the auld guy's siblings were there too.

After the weekend in Scunthorpe, MamaDuck returned to Madrid, Offspring returned to London, and I went to visit my dad and sister in Doncaster for four days. Then I tootled down to London for a week, which included a wine-tasting and raucous party thrown by the wine shop/bar that Offspring works for (and getting to bed at 6am).

Now I'm in Warwick, visiting some mates who escaped from Dubai 7 years ago (it only seems like 2 or 3), and tomorrow I'm travelling up to Liverpool. On Saturday I'm attending a wedding at a castle in North Wales, and on Monday I'm flying back to Madrid.

I'll be ready for a rest, I reckon. But I'm enjoying the beer and the terrible weather, so no complaining.


the real nick said...

Mashallah, you found an opportunity to post! I also can't stand the pressure I get in internet cafe's from the cheap hard chairs, on my backside.

I am envious of the rain and ale. It's still well in the forties here in Dubai.

Duffy said...

No complaining? I thought you were a Yorkshireman.

nzm said...

Don't get RSI in your drinking elbow!

Looks like MamaDuck has been doing some excursioning of her own in your Spanish absence - nice post on her blog about her day in the country.

lsg404 said...


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