Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Deed Is Done

We watched President Obama's (how good it feels to type that phrase!) inauguration on a combination of one TV and two laptops. The Spanish channels all insisted on translating Obama's words into Spanish, of course. But we preferred to hear the original English. It became quite comical. BBC World were webcasting it, but I think their server fell over quite early on. Never fear, MamaDuck is here, and she found a sound-only web transmission (what used to be known as a radio station). Regrettably, it had something like a 10-second time-lag. So the pictures we saw on the TV had the words delivered 10 seconds later. Quite bizarre.

So, a responsible and sobering speech from the new Pres, and Bush leaving with dignity, and some considerable relief, I imagine.


nzm said...

Ve vatched CNN - in English.

Good coverage.

alexander... said...

Did you see the brilliant Australian 'Veet' advertisement???


I laughed 'till my sides hurt...

Macthomson said...

BBC WORLD NEWS coverage was anchored very ably by their Washington Correspo0ndent, Matt Frei. It was a joy to watch.