Thursday, 5 March 2009

2nd Madrid Open Mic Night

Gosh, we Madrid literary types have a busy life. Last night was the second Madrid Open Mic Night - an opportunity for writers (of whatever level) to read to an audience for three minutes. On the whole, I hate public speaking, it scares me s**tless. But it's good practice for when I finally land that publishing deal, go on a huge book tour and get interviewed by Oprah. So it would have been churlish to not participate.

As it happened, I did okay - didn't fluff my lines too badly, and I made a few people laugh. I'd chosen a segment from Tybalt & Theo, but had to seriously edit it to get it down to three minutes.

MamaDuck and Paul House also read, as well as four people that I know from the Madrid Writers Critique Group. There were twenty readers in all, and an audience of about sixty. We had to sit through some fairly tedious poetry, but on the whole it was good fun.


Andrew said...

I am interested in open mic nights in madrid, I live here as well, if you could give me any information I'd really appreciate it! Thanks.

Agnieszkas Shoes said...

Have you heard from Oprah yet? Would love to be in the audience for the show.
Very best wuth T&T, Dan