Friday, 5 June 2009

Go, Gordy, Go

I follow British politics, and other stuff around the world. I rarely comment on it on my blog, 'cos it's like, boring. I hated the Tories under Thatcher, and have been less than impressed by NuLabor. I wasn't too impressed by Old Labour, but if they'd got rid of old intellectual Commies in donkey jackets sooner, they could have been okay. NuLabor is Toryismo with a friendly face. When the friendly face of NuLabor (Blair) finally threw in the towel (I wonder if he knew what was coming), the fishface (Wee Gordy Broon) took over. Nobody wanted him to be PM, except him (and possibly his wife). He has been a complete and utter disaster.

He has no mandate. Nobody wants him. He has presided over the Credit Crunch (not necessarily his fault), the MPs expenses scandal (he could have fixed that before it happened), the worst local election results on record, and now multiple resignations from his Cabinet.

And now he says 'I will not waver or walk away.'

That's okay Gordon. All you need to do is run away, as fast as you can. I give him a week.

It looks inevitable that Daveed Cameroon will be the next Prime Minister. I don't like the idea, but at least he seems like someone who listens to the pipple and responds appropriately.


Seabee said...

McBroon inevitably made one of my favourite comments (made all too often by politicians, business leaders etc): "I take full responsibility..." and then did nothing, no resignation, no demotion, thus in reality taking absolutely no responsibility whatsoever.

(My other favourite is when they resign or retire, taking a huge pension, saying "It has been my privilege to serve the people". Hohoho)

Macthomson said...

Tories? Labour? "A plague o' both your houses".