Saturday, 1 August 2009

Weather Report

We noticed the weather was a little bit cooler today. Of course, it's the first of August, so we're almost into winter. It was quite humid and overcast when we came back from town this afternoon, and at 8pm we heard rain outside. It was a torrential downpour. Which is good, because we hadn't watered the plants on the roof.


Daddyo said...

you would not be able sit over the road with a beer reading your script in this weather, where is the sunshine?

nzm said...

Wow. I do love rain. Te last time it rained like this in Barca was in early July, and it only lasted for a morning.

Lee said...

Where - approximately - do you all live? When you moved, I thought you were still in the city limits, but you make it sound like you're in the Sierra (not to disturb your privacy...)