Monday, 19 October 2009

Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part Two

Well, it could be another reason to be grumpy, but it's my birthday tomorrow. I hear you asking: why grumpy, Keefie? I reply: 'cos 52 sounds like a helluva lot to me.

MamaDuck has been on several secret missions over the last few days, and this evening she made my mouse mat unusable by plonking this load of stuff on it:

Talk about temptation! I've never been good at waiting for Christmas and birthdays. She refuses to accept that these events start at 1 minute past midnight. I'm under orders to ignore it until 8am tomorrow. Meh!

Related topic - lots of my FaceBook friends have been wishing me happy birthday (in fact I was out with a client yesterday and mentioned it would be my birthday soon: 'I know', he says. 'Well how do you know?' I ask. 'It's on FaceBook, mate,' he replies). I don't recall this happening before, and, more sinisterlyly, I don't recall telling FB when my birthday is. Although I suppose I must have told them at some point, but forgot 'cos I'm so old and prolly got Altshweiner's.


the real nick said...

Well then, Happy Birthday to you!!

But you are right of course - 52 does sound like a helluvalot....

Macthomson said...

Pshaw! At 52 you're a mere slip of a lad, mate! But... congratulations!

Jayne said...

Happy Birthday Keefie & by now I'm assuming the pressies have been opened, so c'mon, tell us wotcha got!

Seabee said...

Happy Birfday Keefie.

(MamaDuck could be a professional present wrapper, it seems a shame to spoil it by opening those).