Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Blatter Sees The Light (A Bit) (It's An Oncoming Train)

So the corrupt old tosser (I'm gonna Google that phrase later) in charge of FIFA has said IFAB will reconsider the GLT (goal line technology) issue at their next meeting. Video replays. however, are still not on the table. Article here.

I have to come clean. I think sporting operations should be totally transparent, and should not be dominated by individual assholes. But Blatter behaves like he owns international football (and don't get me started on Bernie Ecclestone and F1 - not an actual sport, admittedly, but y'know), and sadly it seems nobody within FIFA can say no to him: the last guy who tried that was promptly removed from his post. Now we have Blatter threatening the French government if they try to get involved in the running of the French FA.

So Blatter's sorry that England and Mexico were robbed, but 'zeze zings happen een futboll, hein?', and shrugs his shoulders. Asshole. These things do happen, but they don't have to. A little bit of modern technology is all it takes to remove the injustice from a game that is passionately followed by about a gazillion people in the world. And only ONE [insert very rude word here] seems to have the power to fix it. He moves on a glacial timetable, and I think, only now, is beginning to realise how many people hate his guts.

The FIFA board members ought to call an emergency meeting - like tonight, never mind October - they're all there in South Africa right now - and kick him out. And in future, they need to limit the Presidential term to 2 or 3 goes, and not let anyone over 55 stand for the post. And while they're at it, they can authorise video replays if requested by the referee, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.  This whole issue is about technology used as tools to help the officials, not to replace them. But dinosaur Blatter cannot undertand that.

UPDATE: Slightly disappointed - I'm only number 2 on Google for "corrupt old tosser".


nzm said...

...and not let anyone under 55 stand for the post.

Under or over?

We recently watched a hockey tournament on TV, being played in Australia by international teams.

They have introduced video reviews to hockey. Apparently, a team has the right to call for 3 reviews within a match. It was brilliant. We saw a couple of ref decisions overturned, and everyone was happy. Well, apart from the losing teams, but at least they know that they were beaten fairly!

Keefieboy said...

Oops. Over, I meant. Still gives me a bit of time!

Istanbilly said...

At the ripe old age of 56 I have to object to this outrageous example of ageism!!!!!

Istanbilly said...

Keef, how do you get your picture to come up next to these posts?????

Dave said...

Keefie, I agree strongly. I am so used to watching the "third umpire" and "video referee" in rugby, rugby league, cricket and tennis that it astounds me Blatter is so out of touch with modern sporting practises.

The old days of embracing a degree of 'human error' are long gone. Professional sport is now a multi-billion dollar industry that should not be influenced by bad eyesight, potential bribery or referees that find themselves out of position.

Yep kick him out - he is not good for your sport and needs to wake up to himself.