Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Segovia Again

Segovia was the first place we visited outside Madrid after we arrived three years ago. We had a pretty crummy time, as described here.  I'd always wanted to go back, and when the offspring arrived a few weeks ago, it seemed like the perfect time to do it. I decided to splash out a bit and book tickets on the AVE (Spain's high-speed train).

In case anyone's interested, it took 27 minutes from Madrid Chamartín, reached a top speed of 247kph and cost €10 outbound and €8 for the return trip. For some bizarre reason, the AVE uses a brand-new station in a field about a thousand kilometres outside Segovia - it took the driver of the overcrowded bus  15 minutes before he decided he couldn't squeeze any more passengers in, and the trip into the town centre took 20 minutes.

Nothing much changes in Segovia: it still has its mind-boggling Roman aqueduct,

its gorgeous Cathedral,

and the amazing Alcazar, which we did a tour of.

After the Alcazar tour, we headed off in search of lunch. It's compulsory to have cochinillo (suckling pig) when in Segovia. I had declared that we would not be eating in the pretty Plaza Mayor, on the basis that restaurants in Plaza Mayores all over Spain exist only to steal money off tourists with overpriced, badly-cooked food. But actually, that's where we ended up, and it was pretty good.

A nice day out, methinks.


Jayne said...

No pics opening
But did the offspring enjoy his bit of culture?

Keefieboy said...

Hmmm, where are my pics?

Anyway, offspring did enjoy himself, and the sunshine certainly helped.

Valencia Property said...

I love Segvia. Used to go there when travelling between Madrid and Asturias just to take pictures with a black and white film.

leftbanker said...

Nice photos but I wish that I could imbiggen them or whatever you computer people call it. I took the AVE from Madrid to Sevilla before and now I'm waiting for the Valencia-Madrid link to begin (in December I believe).

I can't figure out how you show your updated blogs links on the left.

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