Saturday, 23 October 2010

A Strange Thing

Some time ago, my MacBook decided it couldn't connect to the WiFi router two metres away. My old PC laptop can connect to it, and so can my phone and MamaDuck's netbook and laptop. Not having a WiFi connection didn't bother me too much, apart from the blue cable crawling across the floor, until yesterday when I was in a Skype call with Offspring and wanted to show him something in the kitchen. This required every cable to be disconnected from the MacBook, and so of course we lost the connection.

Anyhoo, I just searched Google for the solution to the problem, and it's so utterly unlikely that I just had to share it with you. Are you ready? Perched eagerly on the edge of your seat? Okay, you have to reset Safari.

'Do what?'

'Reset Safari. That's all. It does the job.'

Apparently, what happens is, well, I can't really explain what happens, but it's something to do with Safari wanting to go through all the bookmarks and stuff in its cache to... no, sorry, doesn't make any sense at all.

So when you reset Safari, it deletes all the history and remembered stuff, and that then enables your WiFi to work. I hate to say this, because I adore my MacBook, and love the way the hardware and OS are integrated, but this Safari thing (Safari is the web browser written by Apple) is complete and utter crap. I don't even use Safari except for testing websites occasionally, and it quite happily went ahead and busted my MacBook.


leftbanker said...

I've never had an Apple computer but I thoroughly despise my iPod and I really detest iTunes (for a PC it's about the most malignant program out there). The iPod was a gift from my brother and with 160 gigs of storage it works well as my home entertainment center. I just wish that I could program iTunes so that it never directs me to the iTunes store...ever!

Signed, Apple Hater

Valencia Property said...

I just got myself an iPad so you could say I am in the opposite camp to fellow Valencian Leftbanker. However this is a cool find Keefie. Seriously i thought only Microsoft could be so crap