Sunday, 28 October 2007

Clocks Go Back

A few weeks ago I discovered that we are in a time zone known as Romance Standard Time. I'd never heard of this before, but apparently it includes Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. RST is GMT + 1.

Yesterday BetterArf reported that she thought she had heard a reference on the radio to the clocks going back one hour today. And when I switched on my computer the time had indeed gone back an hour. So we have an extra hour in the day, although it's likely to turn into an early night.


secretdubai said...

How's the Spanish going?

Still reading your book btw, the writing is absolutely sparkling!

BuJ said...

hey, nice blog :)
verry firstt visit for me..
how's spain treating you? i guess i better read your archive of articlez

i took my 2nd lesson of spanish on monday.. yalla we will compete with each other and see who can read more spanish by new year's

looking forward to visiting Barcelona soon.. :-)

Jin said...

secretdubai has a copy of your book? Is this favouritism keefie?

Keefieboy said...

SD: muchas gracias!

Buj: bienvenido

Jin: yes! (only kidding: just wanted a professional opinion kinda thing)

Jin said...

So ummm.....*flutters mascarared eyelashes* when would you consider letting me have a peek? (at the book that is!)