Monday, 12 November 2007

Salida Del Sol [Sunrise]

This is what I saw from the terrace at about 7.30 this morning:

By the way, the Spanish word 'sonrisa' means 'smile'. I'm still lovin' it.


nzm said...


There was a gorgeous sunset where I am tonight and I just enjoyed it without picking up the camera.

Second night of the new moon tonight - look out for it a thin sliver in the western sky after sunset.

Jin said...

Stunning pics keef :-)

rlow said...

Just came across your blog. I left Madrid in July after 5 years there and moved to Abu Dhabi. I miss the sunsets, the rioja, the small stores and the rioja.... I'm really still looking for the chino store here.

Tom said...

Lovely pics! Thanks for the link, by the way. Reciprocated.

Jessica said...

Breathtaking! The color is so gorgeous!