Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Nightmare Online

I reported a few days ago that I had ordered us a television and suggested that it was winging its way to us as I wrote. It turns out to be doing no such thing. Nothing whatsoever has been done about my order. I only discovered this yesterday when I noticed that no money has actually been removed from my bank account to pay for this item. After extensive searching of the Carrefour website (Spanish-only, thank you very much) I discovered how to log in and check the status of my orders. 'Awaiting data', it said. Hmm. They haven't actually asked me for any data, so I fired off an email. They replied that they need me to fax both sides of my DNI card. This is the Spanish ID card. I don't have one, 'cos I'm not Spanish. I do have an equivalent, an NIE (Foreigner's ID), but it's an A4-sized certificate, not an actual plastic card. But Carrefour Espana don't seem to be interested or aware of that.

Long story short, I decided to cancel the order. I've seen the exact same telly at the exact same price, and I can get it from there right now. But I need to be sure that Carrefour will cancel my order, because I really don't want to have to pay for 2 tellies.

So we've had a flurry of emails, which I've run through an online translation site that gives hilarious results. I (think I) keep saying 'just cancel the bloody order', and they keep saying 'fax us your DNI so we can process the order'. I say I don't have a fax machine. They say 'send your DNI by fax'. It's beyond a joke.

Don Colin will sympathise (search his blog for 'Carrefour' or 'printer') and read about the saga of the dysfunctional printer.

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