Monday, 5 May 2008

Who's Who in Xanadu-du

Early readers of my novel, Travels in Xanadu-du, have been whingeing a bit about being confused by the huge number of names that they think they are expected to remember. So I've done a Dramatis Personae, a Who's Who of Xanadu-du. I also wasted a couple of hours today in producing a podcast of me reading out the list. I'm supposed to know how you pronounce all these names, but there's a big difference between doing it in your head and trying to do it out loud.

Anyway, enjoy!


Macthomson said...

And to think, I was worrying about having too many protagonists in my own humble attempt at novel writing. Picture me reassured!

dubaibilly said...

I'll have to come back to this list - I'm still reading Stephen King's latest offering, but Xanadu is first in the queue.


Keefieboy said...

Mac: LOL

DxBilly: Stephen WHO?

dubaibilly said...

Just some guy I found on a bookshelf!


Jayne said...

I'm giving some of the characters my own abbreviated nicknames & am thoroughly enjoying the story! I really like Chinnys Grandma (who lives in her head) & have a mental picture that puts her as a cross between Granny Weatherwax & our own LGHOL :-))