Thursday, 12 June 2008

Another New Blog Toy

I just got me a tag cloud in my sidebar. 'What the divvil's that?' you're wondering. Well, it's a collection of words culled from the labels on my posts. So if you just want to see the posts labelled with 'food', say, you click the food link in the cloud, and it'll get those posts for you. Magic, yes? No, programming. You can get the code for your own blog from here, but if you don't know your HTML from your CSS, I'd advise extreme caution!

Also, I had an actual written communication from Google today. It's part of the verification process for their AdSense program, so that if my clickthru's ever amount to $100, they can transfer the cash to my bank. Now, I haven't really taken much notice of my AdSense account before. I just put a couple of ads on there to annoy Dubai Billy. But amazingly, there have been some clicks, and Google actually owe me a few dollars. So, I thought I'd experiment with sticking a few more advertising units on, to see if it makes any difference. I'm not expecting this to make me a millionaire, but I do spend a stack of time writing these posts, and it would be nice to get some payback for it.


dubaibilly said...

It looks nice, but it looks a tad complicated for me, and anyway, most of the time I am too lazy to put labels on my posts.

Armando Cuesta said...

Looks very nice and useful the label cloud thing. By the way I really like the image u used for ur Blog title!