Friday, 20 June 2008

Everything in the Garden is Lovely

It seems that Summer has finally arrived. We've had a couple of days of unbroken sunshine, and the peak temperature today was forecast to be 34° C. I likes it. Regular readers will know that MamaDuck has been investing heavily in plants over the last three or four weekends. Here's a few photos of the results.


coriander / cilantro gone to seed

capsicums / peppers

tomatoes (still green)


Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Looks like great weather! Do you have a terrace for all those plants, or have they taken over the balcon?

kaya said...

Your garden looks delightful. I can just reach in , pluck myself some veggies and herbs, and whip up something in the kitchen.
Its looks so blissful.

kaya said...

Oh! Many many many CONGRATULATIONS on the BOOK.
WOW! I am overwhelmingly impressed by the sheer effort it must have taken .
I shall bum it off Jayne soon.

dubaibilly said...

It just wouldn't be your balcony unless it was covered in plants, would it Keefieboy? Those peppers look great!

nzm said...

Wow - your Dubai balcony has been transplanted!

What about Basil/Cress, Keefie - gonna give it a try this time?

Keefieboy said...

Daily Photo: we have a big terrace.

Kaya: yeah, the garden's looking great. You could actually BUY THE BOOK!?

DubaiBilly: well, it wouldn't be MamaDuck's - she's the real green-fingered one.

NZM: I learnt a lot from the Basil Babies exercise - don't do it!