Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Visit London

The building at the end of our square has been clothed in scaffolding for several months, under the guise of having its facade fixed and painted. There's not much actual sign of any work being done, but the owners of the building have taken the opportunity of blocking out their tenants' view by selling huge advertising posters to cover up the scaffolding. This first happened on 1st May - the whole plaza was tinged orange by an ad for Easyjet. The next month it was replaced by a dingy green thing, an ad for a men's perfume. After a month of that they had no buyers, so they took the poster down and re-erected it inside-out, so all we had to look at was white space.

At the start of September, I noticed a bit of activity:

What could it be?

Could be something Londonny...

Yes! A fantastic image of London, hugely Photoshopped - the trees are not that green, the river is not that blue, and it's unlikely you could actually take a photo like that in one go. So congratulations to whoever put that together. It certainly attracts a lot of interest down in the square - people stop and stare and point things out to each other. If you go to the website www.visitlondon.com/es you'll see this image as the page background. Oddly, if you switch the site to English, you don't get the image. 

I do feel sorry for the poor sods who have to live behind this, though: somebody told me it was only allowed to happen for three months max...


nzm said...

God - imagine being stuck behind that - it would be so dark in their apartments. Hope they're getting rent relief for it!

nzm said...

BTW - we have the same ad in Berlin. Just saw it as we were on the bus.

dubaibilly said...

Is it actually a (albeit photoshopped) photo, Keefieboy, or is it a photoesque piece of art work - y'know, like your watch?


Keefieboy said...

Dubaibilly: it's an incredibly complex and realistic image. If someboy drew that, it would have taken months. I'm slightly inclined to think it's a photograph of a model (although the model would have taken months to make too) if only because there are shadows of some buildings on the horizon - you can't see them on this image because the resolution is too low.

Failing all that, if they did get a day when there were no clouds, it could have been taken from an airship (I saw a real live airship buzzing about over Greenwich when I was there). But Photoshopped, whatever, to green up the trees, blue up the river, and put the starry sky in.

However it was done, it really is very impressive!