Thursday, 30 October 2008

Spaced Out

Look. You know about this Authonomy website for aspiring writers, yes? I'm on it, and so is Alexander McNabb, Mr Fake Plastic Souks. He's a great writer, and he's got this really great, outrageously funny book called Space. For the last two or three weeks it has been in the Top 5 of the Editor's Desk. This means you get a proper review from a HarperCollins editor, and maybe even a publishing contract. But only if you're in the Top 5 at midnight tomorrow (31st Oct).

Here's the thing: Space has just slipped down to number 6. So, all you literaties, glitteraties and arty-farties, get along to, and have a read. If you like it (and how could you not?), do a very quick sign-up and put it on your bookshelf (the link that says 'Back The Book').

While you're at it, you could do the same thing for Tybalt & Theo, by a slightly more modest author.

Thank youse.

1 comment:

alexander... said...

You know, I was so authonomised that I didn't even see this 'till now, Keefie!

Thanks for helping out!

There were, indeed, a few 'moments' towards the end. Having been up there for most of the month, I couldn't believe that it started to topple towards the end!

Hey ho - all's well that ends well - and T&T is starting to make waves, as well! :)