Saturday, 2 May 2009


A friend of ours, a life long Real Madrid supporter, invited us to join him at a nice little bar in Chamberí to watch Real play Barcelona. We were joined by two other friends, one of whom supports Barca, and the other one pretended to. I am a football agnostic. 90% of the other people in the bar supported Real Madrid.

A matanza is a social/practical event that takes place when a farmer wants to slaughter one or more of his pigs. Slaughtering a pig and dealing with the resulting skin, meat, organs and blood is not a one-man job, so the Spanish turn it into something of a party with as many willing helpers as they can manage.

It was an amazing match, which Real Madrid lost 2-6.

We decided that Real had been well and truly matanza'd.

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nzm said...

We watched it in the restaurant below our apartment.

A roomful of Barça diehards with about 6 Madrid supporters who wildly outed themselves by cheering madly when the first goal went in. From then on, they were pretty quiet and left very quickly after the game ended.

What a game! AND we discovered that the restaurant does very decent food at not too bad prices too. Bonus!

Appropriate title, considering the swine flu going around, Keefie!