Wednesday, 6 May 2009

WiFi Magic

The weather has been pretty fab here in Madrid for about the last week. Our new flat doesn't actually get much in the way of sunshine, although it does get plenty of light because of the big windows. So it's pretty cool, and we're expecting to get through the summer without too much difficulty: the apartment has no A/C, but I don't think we'll need it.

It has become my habit to knock off work at around four or five, and go to a bar across the road for a caña (small beer). We like this bar because the husband and wife who run it have Middle Eastern roots (he's Palestinian, she's Iraqi). Inside, the bar is teeny, but when the sun shines they have a terraza - half a dozen tables out on the pavement. They don't have WiFi, though.

Today, I thought I'd try an experiment. Went to the bar and took my MacBook with me. Left the WiFi switched in the apartment. I think WiFi has a range of about thirty metres, but maybe I'm wrong, or no good at estimating distances. Anyway, I'm sitting outside the bar now, writing this, and connected to the Interwebs.

How cool is that? Very, I reckon.

Update: Just had a Skype call with my son, including video. Awesomely magical!


Macthomson said...

How disgustingly techno-civilized! Thanks to the rather odd largesse of my German client I now have for the first time a laptop which (a) actually works on batteries and doesn't need to be plugged into the mains, like all the other crappy lappies I have inherited in the past and (b) is supposedly WiFi enabled. Umm, no. It's a Samsung, hélas.

Shall check this out in one of our verdant beer gardens in the very near future.

nzm said...

Mac - nothing wrong with Samsung, except for their phones!

We just picked up a gorgeous NC10 netbook for when we travel, because all my camera gear plus my very heavy IBM SL500 in my backpack compresses my spine by about 2cm each time I lug it around.

I also have a Samsung watch picked up in DXB duty free for 180dirs which everyone comments on as being awesome!

Keefie: this is the best way to be on the internet - in a cafe with a beer, on WiFi!

Jen just picked up a Nokia 5800 into which she has put a Yoigo prepaid card that we can top up online.

We get 3.5G quality unlimited daily data transfer cap for €1.20 (not charged if it isn't used) and the phone also acts as a "wifi modem" when plugged into the computer.

It's sweet.