Monday, 17 November 2008

Blogger Word Verification

Is it just me, or has Blogger done something with their word verification (CAPTCHA) algorithm?

It seems that the squiggly words are now more word-like: they're not real words, but they seem to have a combination of vowels and consonants arranged so that you can actually pronounce the word, and this makes it easier for you to decipher it and type it in.

Some examples:


alexander... said...

No, it's just you.


nzm said...


I must be mad too, because I've noticed the same thing.

However - to verify this comment, I have a REAL word.



Seabee said...

Yes, I've noticed it too. They're much easier to keep in mind as you type them in (I have to look at the keyboard to see which letters I'm hitting)...although the one I got with this broke the new rule, it's untismsa.

Now if it had been 'untisams'.....

nzm said...

'tis even worse with a keyboard that's foreign to me: I just got a new computer yesterday and it's got a German keyboard layout and a German version of Windows.

I can't navigate my way around it at all, but I can now type things like ü,ä,ö and ß. It now takes me twice as long to type a sentence because some of the keys are in different positions. Not QWERTY at all.

Still, can't complain - new computer!

Keefieboy said...

NZM: that's why I didn't want a Spanish machine.

Absolutely loving the MacBook!

nzm said...

Jen was loving her Powerbook too - until she played with my new Lenovo SL500. Sounds like a Mercedes, doesn't it? :-)

Now, she can't justify the expense of the Macs over the PCs. This thing is a brute!

the real nick said...


(new post)

Arturo said...

hi, i'm arturo, i saw you post in Jayne's blog and a link in deepak's blog, etc. etc.

it's interesting what you write about the word verification. i sometimes post the word verification when i comment (talin is for this one) because i'm finding that some of the words are very humorous. you say a program generates them? i was wondering if some human came up with them because they were very funny at times, as if deliberately written to be. artificial intelligence perhaps?


dubaibilly said...

Not having been bloggging for a while, I can't say I have noticed, however I've got WHIALSIA which sounds a bit like a flower of some description.

How ya doin Keef.