Wednesday, 5 November 2008

That Election Thang

I don't normally comment on politics - my ignorance lets me down. But if Barack Obama doesn't win tonight, I'll, I'll, I'll stamp my foot or something.

I might stay up all night to see how this goes. Then again, I might not.

Okay, so no foot stamping. Obama won handsomely, and I am a bunny of happiness. I just wish we didn't have to wait until January to get the spawn-of-Satan Bush out of La Casa Blanca - he can still do some more serious damage in the remaining time.


nzm said...

Yeah - I wonder how many crooks he's going to bestow with the presidential pardon in his last months in office.

Seabee said...

Yep, presidential pardons plus trying to push a few more extreme laws through. He can do a lot more damage in a couple of months, so let's hope convention prevails and the Pres-elect is involved in the remaining decisions.