Tuesday, 4 November 2008

New Toy!

Well, the MacBook finally arrived, at 1pm today, and I have to say it was worth the wait (I didn't know DHL had a donkey-cart option, but they do). It is the gorgeousest, sexifullest, perfectest bit of kit I've ever had my hands on (apart from the missus, of course). Absolutely wonderful! And the bloody wi-fi works too!

It amazes me that Microsoft, for all their vast buckets of money, could never write an operating system that's even a quarter as good as OS X. And the Apple hardware is just stunningly beautiful: this keyboard feels so great that I think I might be inspired to write a bit more of Tybalt and Theo!

I know I'm half preaching to the converted here, but if you haven't left the Dark Side yet, you have no excuses at all (except financial!). Since Macs moved onto Dual Core Intel chips, you can run Windoze inside OS X (if you have the Parallels software), so the old excuse of having to replace all your old software with Mac versions no longer applies.

Just go for it: you might even start to enjoy using computers again!


Daddyo said...

who is a happy bunny I expect Mama Duck will find you easier to live with

Graeme said...

What's the reason for buying it in the UK?

1. non availability of the model you want in Spain?

2. I want an English operating system?

3. It's still cheaper, even with DHL's donkey?

I'm getting really tired of my horrible Dell - which Mac did you buy out of interest?

Keefieboy said...

DIL: I'm a lot calmer than in the almost last two weeks since I won the auction!

Graeme: Much greater range of stuff available on Ebay in the UK. Didn't particularly want a Spanish keyboard. The one I got was virtually new (still had all the protective plastic on it) and *accidentally* has some software on it that I need - I could have lived without this for a while and installed my existing stuff to run on Windoze via Parallels.

For this spec machine, yes, it was cheaper. It's a MacBook White with 2Gb RAM, 200Gb hard disk and 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. That would cost you about €1500. I ended up paying about €1000, and I am a very happy bunny. It's just amazing.

On Ebay, you can get a similar machine, without software installed for under £600. It's definitely worth it!

Tom said...

@Graeme: you should also check out Apple's refurbished store. You can get good deals there.

Incidentally, a Spanish keyboard is a must for me. Not just for writing Spanish words... my work laptop has a Spanish keyboard and I'd forever be having to check where the @ key is.

Nick said...

I made the switch too recently and equally pleased.

RE the keyboard issue - don't forget you can also just use an external keyboard with it - spanish or english.