Tuesday, 7 July 2009

How Pricey Is My City?

A survey out today shows that Tokyo is now the world's most expensive city for an expat to live (it was number 2 last year). London has dropped from last year's 3rd to this year's 16th.

Of particular interest to me (this year's rank first, last year's in brackets):
20 (52) Dubai
26 (65) Abu Dhabi
37 (28) Madrid
38 (31) Barcelona

Full story here.

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the real nick said...

I can only surmise that the survey was compiled earlier this year, when the Dollar was up about 10% against Pound and Euro. Since most HR consultants' surveys take New York as base index and consider what it would take "to keep the epxat's life whole" (usually in Dollars) then this would explain London's drop.
But then there's also a big shift from London to Switzerland, esp. Geneva. Hedgies and investment bankers fleeing new UK taxes have driven up rents in Geneva dramatically...