Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Slightly Happy News

Many people have said that my book Tybalt & Theo would make a great film or TV series, and I agree with them. So a few months ago, I set about writing a screenplay adaptation of it.

I have to say that it was a massively difficult task - it might have been easier if it was someone else's novel I was ripping to shreds. The hardest thing, initially, is to get the length right. One A4 page of properly formatted script is reckoned to be about one minute of screen time. So for a lightweight comedy like this (especially one from a writing virgin), the ideal length is 90 minutes. Compressing 280 pages of novel into that was damn hard - in fact, I didn't make it, I stopped when it got to 110 pages.

Anyway, I sent the script off to the UK Film Council: they have a development fund for new writers, and I might have got some dosh off them. In the end, they said no, but very nicely. They offered me free use of a Script Doctor service, which surprised me immensely. I don't know if every reject gets this offer - it must cost UK Film a fortune if they do. So, the script is now with the doctor, and I await the diagnosis nervously.


Macthomson said...

I'll be happy to 'give notes', too. I'm pretty good on structure, with over 850 episodes of soap opera top my credit as producer.

Also I reckon that the premise of Thybalt&Theo has more potential as the basis for a screen property than as a novel.

Keefieboy said...

That's extremely kind of you, Mac. Can you send your email address to keefieboy at gmail dot com.

Keefieboy said...

850 episodes?! Crikey.