Friday, 25 April 2008

Fire! [¡Fuego!]

Something's ablaze in the east of Madrid. Anybody know? Please leave a comment.


the real nick said...

Looks just like the fire in AL Quoz.
Which is east of Madrid.

Graeme said...

There was a big fire in a car wreckers place near Vicalvaro - made El País and the phot looks similar to yours

Graeme said...

the link got chewed up by blogger here's the rest:


Keefieboy said...

Real Nick: LOL!

Grameme: That was it, thanks.

rob cooke said...


sorry, but nothing to do with iberian fires (where is the rain in spain when you need it huh?!), but came across you through your UAE blog and can't work out an email addy to reach you on.

Anyway. I am a mid-aged web industry bloke, originally from Sheffield, now living in New Zealand who will be travelling through Dubai on way back to visit relatives in Uk in july this year.

My Question:
during your 13 yrs tenure, do you / could you recommend a good tailor that will be able to run up a tailor made suit for me for about 800AED/1000AED?

sorry to hijkack you blog.
hope you can help?
rob at gruden dot com



the real nick said...

Rob, If I may chip in - a good suit will cost you at least 2,500 AED in Dubai and require two, three fittings.

rob cooke said...

>the real nick.

Ah crap. thanks mate. I got my pricing off who quote 400Dhs for fitting and ~250Dhs for material. Thought it was too good to be true!
actually, going back to the site just now, they do mention Parmar and quote 2000Dhs for a suit from them as they have a reputation "as the best".
Maybe i should just stop being a tight arse and get on with it?

Keefie, sorry to be taking this blog sideways. I am concerned with my sartorial elegance though, so i hope that you will excuse me

(how was your suit? worth it?)


Keefieboy said...

Rob: Dubai is no longer a place to get cheap tailoring (or cheap anything!) done.

Mme Cyn said...

Rob - Royal Ex in Karama does a good job, and should be a little more reasonable than the quotes you've been getting, though I confess it has been a while since my husband had a suit made there. You can find them by turning the corner at the Pizza Hut opposite Burjuman and going into Karama. They are on the right, a bit more than halfway down the block (the road ends with a T junction, so you ar eunlikely to miss it.)