Monday, 7 April 2008

Weather: You Like it or Not

We have endured our first Madrid winter, and, happily, it was not nearly as horrible as we had been led to believe it might be. A couple of weeks ago we thought that Spring had sprung. It's been sunny and dry, and depending on the wind-chill factor (which can be very significant up here at almost 700 metres above sea level), warm. And this is great, because it means we can use the terrace for sitting out on, and eating and drinking, and this effectively doubles the size of our flat.

But today has been pretty horrible. It's been overcast all day, with little spots of rain through the afternoon. About half-an-hour ago (7pm), the heavens opened and the rain came down. It brought some hail with it too, and a whole lot of thunder and lightning.

The thunderstorm has passed now, but it's still raining quite heavily.

Ach, well, it could be worse. I could be in England, where they've had snow. I guess it's all to do with global warming.


Kyle said...

I guess it's all to do with global warming.

No such thing as global warming if one's to believe a Canadian take on this issue!

Enjoy the surf ;)

Cairogal said...

Madrid is known for that false spring, but it is a nice break from the winter weather. Never fear: soon enough it will be hot and unbearable. ;-)

leftbanker said...

I have already started using sunblock on my daily bike rides. I also get the added treat of riding by semi-nude females at the beach.

Anonymous said...

Madrid is truly a world-class city.
As a New Yorker,I rarely felt a foreigner and decided to stay three years! The people are wonderful and once settled become quite friendly.Not as beautiful as
Barcelona,but a lot more dynamic and cosmopolitian.Viva Madrid y Espana tambien!