Friday, 18 July 2008


Our gardening flurry is almost at an end for the summer. The three tomato plants each produced one tomato: one of them blighted in some way. The pepper plant/bush/tree produced six little pimientos. The rosemary and mint are flourishing, and we have a stack of cilantro (coriander) seeds. The parsley's a bit weak, and the basil is devastated - because we keep ripping its leaves off and eating them. Lemon tree: nada. The allium that I grew from a sprouted onion looks promising.

It's not going to keep us fed for very long, but boy does it look good!


leftbanker said...

I just grom basil in my terraza-less piso. I have never had problems growing basil but this one always looks wilted. It has been keeping me in fresh basil for the past month so I can't complain. I can find romero along the road on my daily bike rides.

I'm thinking of raising a pig in the spare bedroom. I'm sure there is a downside to this but nothing really occurs to me. I think my mind is too busy thinking about bacon.

Keefieboy said...

If you do do the pig thing, please invite us to the matanza!

i*maginate said...

Wow...sounds nice. I love the idea of growing your own food in your back garden...fresh and lovely!

Fresh herbs..yum. Luckily I think the ones in the UAE supermarkets are pretty fresh and I just pick everything green and chop em up and bundle em into any and every dish....I love parsley in salads and coriander in meat... I can't find fresh basil in the UAE though. But my shopping style is pick n go LOL. Wish I could one day grow my own veggies....

:) Ciao for now