Sunday, 6 July 2008

Orgullo 08: Almost Done

Today is the last day of the Gay Pride Festival, and I must say I'll be very glad when the last gut-wrenching, window-rattling, bleeding-ear-inducing synthesised drumbeat has been played. The first two nights were OK - we had interesting live acts, followed by tedious 'dance' 'music' until 1.30am. The last two nights have been solid DJs from 8pm until 3am. Call me a grumpy old git, but I prefer the days when all a DJ had to do was play records that the audience liked, and remember to play a smoochy one at the end. Simple, no? Now they blast out a bass & drum track and mix snippets of songs over that. I'm sure if I was twenty years younger and out of my head on some exotic cocktail of booze and pills, I might think it was something marvellous. But, sorry, I'm not and I don't.

We did watch the big parade yesterday. We were positioned right at the start, near Puerta de Alcala, and it took two and a half hours for all the floats to pass. And would you believe that neither MamaDuck nor I took a camera? Well, we didn't. Sorry.


dubaibilly said...

You're getting very slack with this photography Keefieboy - this will not do!

dubaibilly said...

Got to say, Keefieboy, that I am a bit surprised that you have not yet blogged about your tennis player or your cyclist!

Been a good time for Spanish sport, what with the European cup and Wimbledon and a possibility of the tour de france as well!

Viva Espana and all that.