Wednesday, 23 July 2008

There is a Pie

Long-time followers of this blog and my Dubai blog, will be aware of my fondness for 'proper' steak and kidney pies, big hunks of roasted meat and incidentals like Yorkshire Pudding and roast potatoes.

You need an oven for all of these things, and our mini-kitchen does not include one. We used to have a combi-oven (microwave, grill and convection oven) that we shipped from Dubai at great expense. But it stopped working about a week before Christmas. I couldn't figure out any way to get it fixed, and so everything I've cooked since then has been boiled or fried.

I've had a couple of attempts to get a steak and kidney pie in Madrid: once at the only 'British' chip shop in central Madrid, where they had microwaved it (this is an extremely bad thing), and once in an Irish bar where it was actually described as a 'meat pie' (unnamed meat, of course, and I still haven't worked out what animal it came from). The unnamed meat pie came without pastry. It was just some cubes of unpleasant-tasting meat, covered in mashed potato, mushy peas and gravy. Crap. Absolute crap.

I have searched in vain for a combi-oven in Madrid. There are plenty of microwaves kicking around, many of them with grills. And lots of DeLonghi Italian free-standing ovens. But no combis. Actually I did find some combis in an El Corte Inglés a few weeks ago, but the cheapest was 325 Euros.

But there is Good News! Yesterday, I took delivery of a brand-new combi oven, courtesy of UK Shopping in Spain. They will buy/order stuff from shops in the UK and arrange for it to be shipped to Spain. So the combi that I chose came from Curry's. The cost of the oven and the shipping was about 180 Euros, and it took about 11 days to get here. Once I'd unpacked it to check that nothing was broken, I rushed off to the shops to get some steak, and some kidneys, and some frozen pastry. Unfortunately we had a vegetarian buddy coming round for dinner last night, so the pie was delayed. But I did use the new toy to grill some goat cheese with cinnamon and brown sugar, and that was grand.


Ynot said...

1) if you live on Chueca square, then we live 2 streets away and are neighbors.

2) Where is this british chip shop on central Madrid?

I love, and I mean, LOVE, S&K pies...if I can eat this in Madrid, my joy will be complete.

Keefieboy said...

YNot: it's called Fat Tony's, and it's located somewhere near Sol, C/ Cruz 11. I can't recommend their pies though.

dubaibilly said...

Keefieboy, enjoy your pie when you cook it in your new Curry's combi-oven!



Dr T, said...

Fat Tony's is alas now called "Tony's Cafe" and no long has the chip shop menu. I think it is under new management. There is a main dish called "Fish & Chips" which I doubt is the real thing. I didn't try it as I was too busy walking out of the door for a cry. I must have a word with Tony and find out what happened.