Monday, 11 February 2008

Archbishop Scandalises Nation []

The speech by the Achbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, a few days ago, caused an absolute uproar in the British press and beyond. You know the one - 'the incorporation of some kind of Shari'a law into British law is unavoidable.' Sorry, Rowan, you're wrong. It would be inexcusable. At almost any level, Shari'a is totally incompatible with Western standards of law. Williams says he was only talking about things like Shari'a as it relates to family and inheritance law, and suggesting that within Muslim communities in Britain, Shari'a might be an appropriate system. So, at the risk of putting my own thoughts into his head, this is what I think he means:

1) Blokes can have up to four wives

2) Blokes can divorce any wife at any time simply by saying 'talaq' three times

3) Blokes have the right to beat up their wives if they are 'disobedient'

4) The evidence of a woman counts for half that of a man in the eyes of a Shari'a court

5) Women belong at home and can only go out if accompanied by a male relative

6) You can marry your cousin

7) Etc

The Archbishop was taken aback by the strength of the reaction, and remains unrepentant. Such a clever bloke, they all say.

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