Friday, 29 February 2008

Dirty Stopout

Last night was InterCambio night at Café Madrid. MamaDuck and I went last week after a break of many months, and I was keen to go again. Sadly La Duck has been completely overstretched this week: it's reports week, and that means that she has had to spend every waking hour, and several hours that should have been sleepy, in producing reports on her students. So she was defo not up for the InterCambio, but relished the chance of having me out of the house and being able to use my laptop to do more reports.

Yay! A green ticket!

The InterCambio was great. I talked tontería with many people, including Armando who I met last September and liked very much, Luke from Inglaterra who I met for the first time last night, and a Spanish geezer who works for the government and knows Zap and Rajoy. He confirmed my thoughts on the latter!

We were kicked out at 2 am, and Antoine, the organiser, said we could go to a nightclub: he could get us in for free. Well. I went. It was quite amazing. The place apparently has no name. You enter through an anonymous door and it opens up into this huge, beautiful space. It was jammed solid. I thought I saw a bar, but the twenty deep crowd was just too daunting. I found a room that probably contained a dance floor, but it too was packed solid. My dad-dancing skills remained unused, my audience unentertained: unless the sight of a practically naked brown guy with muscles dancing on the stage rings your bell. I wandered around the place for a bit, and then tried to find the exit. Man, that was hard. I finally got out, and stumbled off in a homely direction. This involves walking up Calle Montera (part of the red light district) and into Chueca (the gay barrio of Madrid: we live in Plaza de Chueca itself, it's very interesting!). I was amazed by how many people wanted to have my babies for a small fee. And I suspect one or two of them wanted to have my money too. Hah! Spent it all!

I arrived home at about 4 a.m., and awoke at noon today. I had a bit of a hangover, and as you may know the only cure for this is to drink more. Today has been an exceptionally pleasant spring-like day, and I was able to wander around wearing a shirt and a lightweight jacket. No sweater, no scarf, no hat. Fantastico!

Me mola Madrid.


leftbanker said...

Closing down one bar, going to a disco, and then staggering home at 4 a.m.; your commitment to learning Spanish is truly admirable. Keep up the good work.

leftbanker said...

I found the intercambio thing to be too much of a singles scene. I was just out to learn Spanish while my intended tutors seemed to be looking for dates. I am the traditional type and prefer to meet women in the tried and true methods: screaming obscenities from a construction site or honking my horn at them.

Cairogal said...

Ah...those Spring-like days. I often found I was stripping down to my warmer weather clothes whilst my Spanish friends still bundled up. I hope the cafes put out some tables for the warm weather.

dubaibilly said...

Good on ya Keefieboy. It sounds like a good night out - you are beginning to sound like the Keefieboy who came to our Greek nights et al.

Good to see you are still enjoying yourselves over there, but why is MamaDuck not blogging any more?

Anyway, take care mate.

DB and Mrs DB

Jayne said...

The title of your post says it all: Dirty Stopout!!
Glad you enjoyed it though :-)

Keefieboy said...

LetBanker: It was hard, but i am dedicated!
CairoGal: Primavera is springing - tables have appeared en la plaza.
Billy: MamaDuck's blogging should be resumed shortly: she now has a brand-new laptop.
Jin: You're so old-fashioned!