Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Robbed! [¡Robado!]

I was relieved of my wallet on a Metro train last Saturday. We were on our way to see a band, the marvellously named 'Jamon Everybody', but had to abandon that plan due to lack of cash and bank card.

It seems that I have a tattoo on my forehead that reads 'rob this rich guiri'. It can only be seen by thieves. I plan to get it changed to 'I gave already'.

I also plan to get three or four new wallets, stuff them with notes printed in Spanish that say things like 'I am a bit fed up of you nicking my stuff', and carry one in each pocket.



InfobahnFahrer said...

Hey, it could have happened on an RTA bus as it crawled between Trade Centre R/A and Defence R/A even miore slowly than usual, due to the closure of the two fast lanes in each direction for the construction of a bridge which is necessary so that pedestrians can cross SZR safely and probably at a speed in excess of that of the motorized and... oh, WTF!

Seabee said...


(Is that a word?)

Keefieboy said...

Seabee: it would be ¡bastardas! (plural, female).

Abha said...

Hello keefieboy! I've been kinda in the loop with your blog and as a fellow blogger who lived in Dubai and moved to Madrid (Feb 2007), I thought I'd touch base!

I ventured here to be a travel-writer, and have turned into a travel-blogger instead. I see you have a travel-book out -- rocking!

There is a great English Writer's group here in Madrid. I cool bunch of writer's from everywhere, we meet in a literary cafe every Tuesday and drink! :) In case you are interested drop me an email and I will send you the details.

My details can be found on my blog!

Welcome to Madrid!

dubaibilly said...

What has happened to you two? How many times is that you have been robbed between you in the last few months - didn't mamaDuck lose a couple of cameras recently? It seems weird, you know - you are obviously enjoying Spain but you keep getting robbed - at least here you didn't get robbed... alright, I'll re-phrase that, at least here you didn't get pick-pocketed.

I hope things get better, mate and these people let you get on with your life without feeling the need to relieve you of any more of your money or valuables.



PS My book hasn't arrived yet!

Jayne said...

Crikey, this nicking of stuff belonging to you & mama duck is getting a bit too frequent! I dunno so much about putting polite notes in your empty wallets Keef, if it were me I'd stick a really obscene one in!¡bastardas!

Cairogal said...

I went from living in Spain to Egypt and then the UAE. Getting robbed in Spain is a right of passage for those who live there, though my uber viglilance paid off. I was robbed a few months later in Cairo by a couple of teenage girls.