Friday, 8 February 2008

Travels in Xanadu-du: Get It While It's Hot!

The deal with the printer is confirmed, so we are now taking orders for my fantastic book, Travels in Xanadu-du. Orders will be shipped before the end of February. So get clicking on the banner below.


dubaibilly said...

Jobs a good-un Keefieboy - all ordered and you are now considerably richer than you were when I arrived on your blog a few minutes ago.

The question now arises - am I the first person to buy it and if I am can I have it personally dedicated by the author just in case you, hopefully in the near future, end up being the second JK Rowling?!!!

dubaibilly said...

Good morning Keefieboy,

I have been blogtrolling again and I came upon this which you may find interesting, or not.

btw, last time I looked at your blog, there was a post after this about you getting robbed - I know there was 'cos I commented, but I can no longer see the blog (yes, I have tried refreshing the page) - did you remove it?



dubaibilly said...

I tried clicking on the link and it brought me back to this page for some unfathomable reason - in case it doesn't work for you the url I was trying to send you to is http://peajayar.blogspot,com