Monday, 25 February 2008

Travels in Xanadu-du: Almost There

I spent the weekend finalising the design of the cover - Lightning Source (who'll be printing the book) don't want to see crop marks in the artwork, so the entire placement of the relevant stuff is down to having the bleed margins exactly right at a quarter of an inch all round, and the spine width as calculated by their system. I confess to being a little bit worried by this: the placement of stuff on the spine is the most critical part of the cover design. But I'm sure they know what they're doing.

And this morning, Colin sent me the last bit of his proof-reading work, and he had found a real typo. So that makes it worth waiting for! Anyhoo, I have now uploaded the files to the printer's website, and we have paid for the (compulsory) proof. I hope to have this in my hands within a week, and if it hasn't gone completely to ratshit, I'll place the order for the first edition.

Now would be a good time for those of you who haven't forked out yet to do so. You'll get a bonus full-colour map of Xanadu-du, signed by moi. You know you want it.

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