Thursday, 28 February 2008


Having lived in an 'enlightened dictatorship' for twelve years (plus an 'endarkened dictatorship' for one year) before moving back to the free world, I'm finding it fascinating to be in the middle of an election campaign. Spain goes to the polls in a couple of weeks' time to choose a new government and Prime Minister (President?). Or hopefully to stick with the old one. It appears that as a foreigner I don't get a vote (how outrageous!) but if I did then I think Zap's the man. The contest is mainly between incumbent PSOE (Socialist) Zapatero and hopeful PP (Tory) Rajoy. My feeble Spanish is nowhere near good enough to understand what's going on here, plus I don't own a TV and I rarely look at Spanish language newspapers. So I am very grateful to my fellow bloggers for explaining their views of events. Notably:

South of Watford

The Bad Rash

Don Colin

Erik Wirdheim

Good work guys, keep it up (I know you don't need my encouragement, but hey, I need your explanations!).

It's all so weird.


Erik Wirdheim said...

You're just too generous, Keefieboy. Thanks for you PR support.

And you are right, I was planning to keep on writing anyhow.

Graeme said...

Wow, makes it sound like I'm providing a public service instead of just ranting about the PP! Come to think of it, that is a public service.