Wednesday, 6 February 2008

This Week's Theme: Happiness [Felicidad]

About a week ago, BetterArf and I walked out of the front door of our building, heading for breakfast at Momma's Caff in Plaza de Chueca. I guess it was a pleasant morning. BetterArf declared to anyone within earshot 'I love Madrid, I love our flat, I love my job, I'm so happy!' Or words to that effect.

A couple of days ago, NZM sent us an email: a survey by British Expats found that 91.3% of Brits who have moved to Spain are happy.

And today, an old friend from Dubai who now lives in France emailed me and then Skyped me, and virtually the first thing he said was that I looked and sounded happier than I ever did in the UAE.

It's a funny thing. I don't usually think about whether I'm happy or not - it's more a case of where's the next bunch of money coming from. But I really am happier in Madrid than in Dubai. I feel completely at home here, even though I can barely speak the language. I love the food, the drink, the people, the chaos, the entertainment. The 'lifestyle'. It's just fabulous. They have a saying here - 'De Madrid Al Cielo' - From Madrid To Heaven - meaning that there's only one place better than Madrid. And I think they might be right.


leftbanker said...

It makes you wonder about those 8.7% of British ex-pats who aren’t happy. Maybe they need more pork and red wine in their diets to catch up with the other 91.3%? If that doesn’t help them then I would suggest a heavy dose of bicycling.

Jayne said...

I know I've said it before Keef, but I envy you :-) Hopefully, we'll get to suss out a few spots in a couple of months time, with the intention of finally settling in Spain. My home country of SA is going down the toilet faster than lightening & I don't think Mike could afford the lawyers for me if ever I had to live in England again, as I'd be locked up within minutes of arrival for being politically incorrect! It's my daydream of riding the bikes through various parts of Spain that keeps me going sometimes.